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Saturday, May 29, 2010

the rune Breakthrough for today

I was going thru my tarot cards found some i forgot i had and realized i hadnt had a meditation time in ages . I picked my Runic Cards by Ralph H . Blum. (and was thrilled to find its a first edition) nonetheless thats not the neat thing

The neat thing was the card that fell out of the runic deck aka not stones was, BREAKTHROUGH aka Dagaz ,Transformation ,Day


As stated in the book rune number 22 , 2+2=4 a higher numerological number meaning in short

the builder, foundation, stability , patriarch earth justice ability law ,tradition etc

the poem hit me to the card more than the meaning but i will write it to


down the cathedral aisles

of deep and ancient forests

bursts the morning fire.

Take heart, my Beloved,

What is Divine

cannot be seperated

from its source

This rund is the funial rune belonging to the cycle of Initiaition,this siginifies in short that there will be a major breakthrough or shift aka change i call it , a complete transformation in attitude aka change, a 18o degree turn of event or events are to happen if we observe the circumstance of events around it, they are so radical we will no longer be able to live the ordinary life as we no it now. it has to what i feel siezed at the right timing moment . which takes tons of trust basically the darkness is behind you daylight has come.....................

There are many things going on in my life now that are scary and changing i dont know what the outcome will be but moving is one, as far as movin to another home, i hope this rune speaks to you . huggs and blessings sparky aka jackie

Sunday, May 16, 2010