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Thursday, July 15, 2010

trying new things this summer

Im being brave and trying new things this summer first it was dammit dolls for xmas aka yule, which everyone said they were great but their dogs and cats loved them more . infact a sharpai grabs the little ones doll right off of her hands thinking its hers,,,,,, then my sisters cats sleep with them not my intentions LOL evidentally they love clove and olive oil,,,,,,,,,yes i snuck a few things in there to represent the persons needs at there requests, thennnn i tried to crochet but as the rows keep going the stiches get tighter so my latest venture was a pair of knitting needles,seeing as how i have cataracts, its hard to see to do the one thing i love and thats plastic canvas,the knitting, welllllll, im casting on the stiches on the left handed needle ha after that forget it lol.However ive been making gods eyes of course do a google to find out there uses i make them as small as using toothpicks,and making them using a candle color correspondence chart,
Note the picture above which i tried posting below so you can see how my day is going.
We did go out today and price refrigorators no i didnt get a silver one gawd there fugly,tomorrow after we go to pay for it we are getting a basic black side by side a dream come true,,,,,,,,, a lot of people lost there refrigorators these past two weeks with the heat wave going thru, at least 6 families that we know of,
We are also looking for a better place to move to for dave to get around in as its harder and harder for him to climb the stairs and one that i can have my mini pin,,,,, to.
well i am closing for now just an update hard to believe i was shopping today and saw harvest and halloween decorations out already,,,,,,blessings Sparky