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Friday, June 4, 2010

Greetings Everyone

When I am stressed , i enjoy making things no matter how childlike they may seem they always seem to relax me, i am now making gods eyes, all sizes with beads and with out, different colors made out of qtips and tooth picks and skewers whatever i can find,hmm im tempted to make one out of the lilac bush unless i break out ugh there goes that idea lol ill post them this week so you can see them some you can put in your wallet your car above your desk etc color codes are basic red for love passion etc white represents all pink love and so on
There are a few needs in my life that of which i am not stating publicly but have to do with ahem blood fusion problem, hehe code word my sister is coming up from virginia lynchburg area she is going thru my dads house , so i will be able to see her in a couple of weeks,i was adopted when i was 2 weeks old long story so i wont get into it, but nonetheless i havent seen her in 20 0dd years give or take so yes i am nervous ,
I hope you are all doing well blessings Sparky

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