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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Partnership card

The reading i had done for my meditation today was a single card reading again,
Card Number 2. Partnership with 2 swans came up
Numerology meaning of number 2 =
Submissmisve - Female - (which the question was about a female friendship regular friendship}
Cooperation, consideration, balance, meditation, love , grace, dance,you are put on notice not collapse yourself into that union .For true partnership is only achchieved by seperate or whole beings who retain there seperateness even as they unite .

there is also a notation of a union of the HIGHER SELF union with the divine

This card has no reverse meaning it can signifify the gift of freedom from which flows all other gifts,

The friend is upset with me or there are other problems in her life right now, so i have to give her space in order to let her deal with them,
Do you have partnership problems a friend, business , etc husband wife same sex problems, let it up to the universe . Put your request need and desire out to them and manifest . and you will recieve your answer , you may not always like what you hear or it may not suit at the moment but it is there pay attention to your surroundings blessings Sparky

Drawing this rune is an indication that partnership in some form is at hand, in love

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