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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A night for thinking

Just another nite dave and i like to go out on the porch and sit in the cool air and just sort out problems big or small yes i said problems not friggin issues i hate that word lol .
Well to make along story short they are going thru my mom and dads stuff yes material . And i am to go down in awhile and go get what they would like me to have
being that my nerves cant take the drive and david still being sick with congestive heart failure and fluid in the lungs well its a disaster waiting to happen.
I am thinking out loud here when i say ive seen what can happene when someone dies and people go thru things greed sets in, I refuse to be like that,i will accept what they said i could have and be grateful for it and go from there but like we had discussed . They will bring it to me i will not be blamed for grabbing this and grabbing that just to proove i can.
i have good memories some not so good but thats ok this is making me stronger and its my turf well ours lol.
We dont have much but thats ok there is a roof over our heads, and we are room (especially when i have a hot flash) you better runnnnnnnnn.
Ty for letting me go on probably to you about nothing.To me it was good to vent.
I try to respect my people. it is hard to do so but i am trying. i am trying to forgive and forget. it is hard but i am trying . I am a survivor and have succeeded
Blessings my friends ty for listening Sparky

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