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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

unshakable confidence

these are not my words from Morning Coffee i recieve thru email

Secret to Unshakable Confidence
by Jane Powell

‘There are no limits when you trust yourself.”

Think about the most self-confident people you know. What is it that makes them that way?

Self-confident people don’t second-guess their capacity to succeed, nor do they wait for others to encourage them. They trust their own abilities to do what needs to be done.

Stop waiting for others to tell you what you can do. Start putting your faith in your own strengths and talents. Instead of questioning whether you can reach your goals, move forward with conviction and confidence.

You have incredible gifts. If you allow yourself to follow them, you’ll achieve great things. Go ahead. Follow your abilities. They will lead you upward on a path that is has no limits!


Someone made the statement: "To err is dysfunctional, to forgive
Co-dependent." Sometimes I think I operate that way - afraid to err
And slow to forgive.

Of course, we've all heard Alexander Pope's famous assertion that to
Err is human, to forgive, divine. But I don't agree. I think that to
Forgive is one of the most human things we can do.

A number of years ago, Hildegard Goss-Mayr of the "International
Fellowship of Reconciliation" told this true story. In the midst of
Tragic fighting in Lebanon in the 1970s, a Christian seminary
Student was walking from one village to the next when he was
Ambushed by an armed Druze guerrilla fighter. The Druze ordered his
Captive down a mountain trail where he was to be shot.

But an amazing thing happened. The seminarian, who had received
Military training, was able to surprise his captor and disarm him.
Now, the table was turned, and it was the Druze who was ordered down
The trail.

As they walked, however, the student of theology began to reflect on
What was happening. Recalling the words of his scripture, "Love your
Enemies," "do good to those who hate you," "turn the other cheek,"
He found he could go no farther. He threw the gun into the bushes,
Told the Druze he was free to go and turned back up the hill.

Minutes later, he heard footsteps running behind him as he walked.
"Is this the end after all?" he wondered. Perhaps the young man had
Retrieved his weapon and meant to finish him off. But he continued
On, never glancing back, until his enemy reached him, only to grab
Him in an embrace and pour out thanks for sparing his life.

That was a very human thing he did - foregoing the impulse to strike
Back. It took a strong spirit. Yet every time we decide not to get
Back at somebody who hurts us, we exercise one of our greatest
Powers - the power to choose a better way.

Somebody else put it better than I can: "Life is too short for drama
And petty things, so, kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and
Forgive quickly." It's one of the most powerful and human things to

Steve Goodier

The results you get don't come from the situation. The results you achieve are determined by what you choose to focus upon and what you choose to do.
From the very same set of circumstances, two different people can achieve two vastly different results. The outcome is not based on what they're given, but on what they do with it.

If the results you're getting are not the results you desire, stop looking for someone or something to blame. Start looking for the possibilities that you have not yet considered.

Make your most positive and compelling purpose the filter through which you view everything that happens. That will cause outstanding, powerful possibilities to pop into view.

The world around you is constantly changing. There is always a way to harness the energy of the ever-changing landscape to suit your purpose.

Look calmly and confidently at the situation in which you find yourself. Then step gratefully forward, and make something beautiful, valuable and meaningful out of it all.

Ralph Marston


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